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News from Powder Processing & Technology, LLC

PPT is proud to announce that we have upgraded to the newest version of ISO 9001 standard!


New Equipment at PPT

Responding to demand from various industries for processing materials that emit nitrogen oxide (NOx), PPT has added advanced emission control capability to support its growing client base. The Tri-Mer emissions control unit, based on catalytic ceramic filters, is the state-of-the-art technology for processes that emit NOx. The unit has been fully commissioned and has demonstrated the ability to handle NOx emissions in the range of two pounds per hour up to fifty pounds per hour with NOx destruction efficiency adjustable up to 95%. The Tri-Mer unit also captures particulate - PM10, PM2.5, and submicron PM - to over 99% efficiency.

Trimer Structure

PPT Exhibit Schedule

PPT's exhibit schedule is listed below. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss your processing requirements at our booth, should you participate in any of the shows listed.

Upcoming Conferences where PPT will be exhibiting:

35th International Battery Seminar & Exhibit

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Booth Number 333
  • March 26-28
Ceramics Expo 2018
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Booth Number 111
  • May 1-3