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Partnering with Powder Processing & Technology, LLC

Powder Processing & Technology...

Protects client's intellectual property

Our most important responsibility, we understand the value you place on your IP and make every effort to ensure its security.

Provides access to operating assets

We often work side by side with our customer's engineers on location at PPT to expedite the integration of the PPT process with your new technology.

Scales processing from pilot plant to production

PPT engineers and scientists have many years of experience and have access to a fully equipped pilot plant (Innovative Materials Center) that closely duplicates the production scale equipment in our plant

Co-funds investments & special asset purchases

There will be times when our available equipment is not sufficient to meet all your processing requirements. We have structured many financial and business arrangements to provide the full capability you require.

Assists in product development via engineering contracts

Often our clients only require that we provide process development services as a initial step in off shore production or capital equipment evaluation. We can quote on the time and facilities access required to give you confidence in your new technology.

In Summary

PPT gets new materials technology to the market faster!