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Ceramic Sintering Services

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC offers contract sintering services using Elevator or Tunnel Kilns. We load customer produced pre-pressed parts or 'green bodies' onto setter tile or place loose powders in saggers and sinter in air or nitrogen atmosphere. Sintering is an optimal process for creating sturdy powder or small, porous particles often surrounded by a coating. Sintered ceramic and ferrite powders are often used for:

  • Refractory applications
  • Electronic powders
  • Advanced ceramics

Please contact us for more information on our ceramic sintering services.


Ceramic Sintering Capabilities

Powder Processing Capabilities
Our top-of-the-line sintering kilns are available for processing:
  • Loose ceramic powder
  • Pre-made green bodies
We have the equipment for processing in either a plain air or inert nitrogen atmosphere environment.

*We do not press green bodies or create any molds for sintering operations.
In-House Technology and Equipment
Elevator Kilns
  • 2 Pilot Elevator Kilns capable to 1400°C with setting area 2'x2'x5'.
  • Air or inert nitrogen atmosphere capable.
Tunnel Kilns
  • One electric fired large volume Tunnel Kiln capable of 1500°C in air or inert Nitrogen atmosphere.
  • One electric fired large volume Tunnel Kiln capable of 1350°C in air or inert Nitrogen atmosphere.
  • One electric fire large volume Tunnel Kilns capable of 1350°C in air atmosphere.
*All kilns are in excess of 30 m long, having large volume throughput capabilities.
Shuttle Kiln
  • One electric fired Shuttle Kiln capable of 1340°C in air or inert Nitrogen atmosphere.
Material Loading
  • Refractory Saggers
  • Pan Processing (Temp < 260 ° F)
Calcining / Sintering Tunnel Kilns (Electric)
  • Temperature capability to 1482°F
  • Material loaded into refractory saggers on kiln cars
  • Kiln Car capacity of 227 kg at 1.50 g/cm3
  • Push intervals of 45 minute to 3 hours (around 37 carsin kiln)
  • Powder and pellet materials
  • 3 unit availability
  • 2 units have nitrogen atmosphere capability

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