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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy Material Processing - Bridging the Gap from the Laboratory to Commercialization

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC can assist green energy technology companies make that important step towards commercialization by assisting in materials process development and by providing initial production quantities. We can then scale them to full production as your technology prospers.

PPT's team has nearly 100 years of industrial development experience in assisting companies with their commercialization of new materials technology. We know how to develop a cost effective and repeatable materials process that meets your most demanding requirements.


Please review PPT's actual work experience as explained under the "Portfolio" tab above:

  • Battery Materials
  • Other Energy Related Materials

Examples of Sustainable Energy Materials

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials

  • Ni-YSZ Oxide Anode
  • Li-Al Carbonate Electrolyte
  • LSM Oxide Cathode
  • Ni-Mg-Si Oxide Catalyst

Lithium Ion Battery Materials

  • Li-Co Oxide Cathode
  • Li-V-Fe Phosphate Cathode
  • Li-Manganate Cathode
  • Li-Ion EV Battery

Solar Energy Cells

  • Al-doped Zn TCO Target


  • PPT has experience as an industrial partner in teaming for DOE or DOD grants
  • PPT can structure commercial partnerships to satisfy the needs of the client

PPT Innovative Materials Center

PPT has an Innovative Materials Center that is uniquely equipped to handle the production of oxide ceramic materials in the scale of 100 grams to 100 kilograms. As a partner to our clients, we will make every effort to find a way to provide the right equipment for your technology should we not have the equipment at the onset of the partnership. PPT has five distinct manufacturing areas within our Valparaiso facility which can be tapped to produce production-scale quantities at cost effective prices.

Processing Equipment Includes (see "Ceramic and Inorganic Powder Process Development" page for more detail):

  • Ball and Attrition Mills with High Alumina Ceramic or YTZ Media
  • Two Spray Dryers with Disc Atomizer or Nozzle
  • Rotary Calciner Mated with Intensive Mixer
  • Two Batch Periodic Kilns with Atmosphere Control Capability
  • Various Complementary Equipment

Contact Us

Please contact PPT about how we can assist in converting your innovative materials technology from laboratory success to successful commercial opportunity. We look forward to your inquiry!